Spider King Rod Holders is the preferred Rod Holder of Bass Fishing Hall of Fame inductee, Woo Daves!


 About Our Company 

Spider King is a company founded, owned, and operated by fishermen, so we understand the value of the right equipment. We know how frustrating it can be to watch your competition gain an advantage on you. You may have had the thought that your performance would improve greatly if you could just add more lines to your arsenal. In that competitive spirit, we have designed the Spider King Rod Holder system to help make your fishing outings more productive and efficient. At Spider King Rod Holders, we also want to keep fishing fun by allowing you to keep your beverages and tackle within easy reach. With a modular Spider King Rod Holder system, you can “rig, cast, and relax,” with as many as 10 lines in the water, and a drink and tackle at your fingertips. At Spider King Rod Holders, fellow fishermen are working hard to make sure that Spider King Rod Holders provide you with the best in fishing productivity, convenience, and innovation.

Spider King Rod Holders